Time to get musical!!
— Chizuru's first debut in stage with MetalliPara.

Chizuru Genkino (元気のちづる Genkino Chidzuru) is a character who is known as the 1st member and lead vocalist of MetalliPara. She is known as Metari's older sister.

Biography Edit

Chizuru is an ordinary 15-year-old who wants to become a famous guitarist, alongside with Metari. She lives with her and her biological mother, Azayaka, who is obsessed with shoujo manga and anime. When Chizuru gets curious and learns to play guitar for the first time, she became the 1st member and founded MetalliPara with her friends around and her younger sister.

Appearance Edit

She is a lot similar with her sister, she has medium-length black hair, and often lets it down and tied in pigtails.

Personality Edit

Chizuru is a boyish kind of girl who progresses to be mature herself. She sometimes loved girly stuff. She is very energetic about heavy metal and rock, and never goes wrong about herself in life with Metari and everyone.

Relationships Edit

Metari Genkino - her younger sister. She is very serious about her, and always asks her that why she disliked metal and rock unlike her. Unless Chizuru considered that Metari likes OPM, and she cares for her a lot on the stage, and she is very close to her sometimes.

Maika Shikane - her close friend. She is very proud how Maika experiences her life to become the lead drummer in MetalliPara, and also likes her attitude and quotes to every one of the members.

Kanako Kanayama - her friend. She likes Kanako's lovely personality, and sometimes dislikes the moment when she dislikes any member in MetalliPara.

Kinzoku Natsume - her related friend. She loves Kinzoku's odd eyes, in case when she needs help from writing songs, and always needs to come for her true self.

Etymology Edit

Genki - 元気 means energy/energetics

No - (野 or の) means field

Altogether her surname means energetic/energy field.

Trivia Edit

  • Despite looking 15, she is the oldest member in MetalliPara.
  • In rare arts, her appearances might be changed due to her attires and eye colors.
  • She is sometimes embarrassed towards Metari in her home.
  • In subs, her name might be referred to Chidzuru.
  • Her favorites are guitars, rhythms, music, and more that are related to metal.
  • Her dislikes are organic foods, OPM, Mundo by IV of Spades, and more that are related to her sister's serious personality.
  • She is talented at dancing, and can be shy when showing it to everyone.


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