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Chizuru's Secret is the first episode of Metallica Paradise.

Plot Edit

"There is an innocent silhouette, named as Manabu Mishou, Nikko Mishou's younger sister. Her attitude is very polite, correctable and dreamy, and taken care gently by everybody. And also, there is the dark silhouette named as Metallic Arisa, who is scheming about Manabu's grades and intelligence, finding out that she is very intelligent and is the top of her school many times. Also, Manabu is Arisa's rival, and she tried to hurt Manabu in a few reasons, and Nikko protected Manabu, and Arisa failed."

Summary Edit

Chizuru Genkino is an ordinary 15-year-old, who considered to be as boyish and also tried to be girly just as her dream to become a guitarist. She dreamed of herself through magic, and after a few seconds, her dream is disturbed and disappeared by her intelligible sister, Metari. Chizuru became very serious about her and starts to despise any of her intelligence for learning more about Metallica. Her mother, Azayaka, saw the news that the first paradise is not established yet, and is considered as the one and only paradise who can make it better. Chizuru is confused, that her mother is obsessed with shoujo manga, IVOS, and Metari's favorite band, Metallica. Metari continues to be her preppy self and always acts cool to Chizuru every time when she asks or to come along. Azayaka becomes vivid and energetic because Chizuru and Metari became proud of their senior academics.

The next day, Chizuru and Metari went to school, and meets a mysterious girl, whose name, is Maika Shikane. She did not met her but remembers her by their memory notes since 6th grade. Metari acts the way how she meets Maika, but not Chizuru, she drops out. After school they went home, Azayaka welcomes them with care. They both asked that they met their friend, Maika. Azayaka becomes vivid again and starts to make a mess, and gets clumsier and clumsier, Chizuru whispers to Metari that she is hilariously a klutz. But now, Azayaka regrets it and cleans it up quickly.

Maika tells her friendly skills to meet her friends from her grandfather, Tomoi Shikane, who is a professional meeting person. Maika became proud and proud, and starts to reveal that she is a drummer.

Meanwhile at Chizuru's home, Chizuru asks Metari that which occupation, and Metari said that she is the lead guitarist and attempted vocals, and after, Chizuru got shocked and fell down the stairs.

Azayaka now finishes her duty, and called both of her daughters to have a conversation how they formed a band.

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