Hikari Aikawa is a character, she is known as the Pokemon trainer. She appears and visits on any wiki (Geokatsuko, MetalliPara, and an admin on PrettyCureForLife's Fandom Of PreCure Series Wiki).

Persona Edit

Hikari is seen as a nice and friendly person. While to trolls, Yanderes, mary-sues and Natsumi and Natsumi's friends she can can be seen as rude, cold, and hostile, but she's mostly nice, friendly, and loving. She tends to see the best in everyone.

Relationships Edit

Pastel Metallica-Hikari and PasuMeta are friends. PasuMeta made Hikari admin on this wiki. Hikari and PasuMeta also are nice to eachother.

DYXL-tan-DYXL-tan likes Hikari and was amazed that Hikari liked singing, just like her. When Hikari transformed into Cure Pearl, Danae was suprised.

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