CHIZURU, STOP!!! Nothing else matters about my pinkish face and everything on my personality!
— Kanako's reaction when her cheek is squished and referred by Chizuru, when her look is kawaii

Kanako Kanayama (銀山かなこ Kanayama Kanako) is a character who is the 4th member in MetalliPara.

She is known as Maika Shikane's close friend.

Biography Edit

Kanako is officially a creator, and she secretly hides from her mother that she is a bassist. She is very concerned by herself that over the years she played her old bass guitar her father gave it to her before he died, and she will remember everything from him and to her mother and sister.

Appearance Edit

Kanako has medium-length pink hair, and wears any pink attires, and wears white shoes.

Personality Edit

Kanako is creative at anything, it is her hidden talent to show everyone how talented she is, but shy to show it to anybody.

She is girly, because she loves pink stuff. She also loves any genre of metal, except black and hard rock, she hates it.

Relationships Edit

Work in progress! <3

Etymology Edit

Kanako - かなこ is meant in any kanji.

Kanayama - 銀山 means silver mine, not very accurate.

Trivia Edit

  • Kanako can twist her hands, especially she knows how to dance, it is unknown why is not appeared in the anime.
  • Kanako dislikes vegetable juice.
  • Kanako loves science, math, and healthy foods and drinks.
  • Kanako is very intelligent at math, but not in science, she sometimes failed.
  • Kanako's secret favorite is the real bassist in Metallica, referencing to this.
  • Her age is 11 (Metallica Paradise), and now 12 (season 2 of MetalliPara).
  • She is the 2nd youngest after Kinzoku.


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