Kinzoku's mother, father, brother, and sister (キンゾクのお母さん、お父さん、お兄ちゃん、とお姉ちゃん Kinzoku no okaasan, otousan, oniichan, to oneechan) are the relatives of Kinzoku Natsume. They are known as the Natsume family (夏目家族 Natsume kazoku).

Members Edit

Akari Natsume: Kinzoku's mother. She usually loves her with care, but sometimes hates her or ignores when mature.

Makise Natsume: Kinzoku's father. She is serious that why her father is acting weirdly and cheerfully, also she tries to stop his energetic total of intelligence out of him.

Kimoto Natsume: Kinzoku's elder sister. She loves Kimoto's quietness and more she can experience herself through her life.

Tenkei Natsume: Kinzoku's elder brother. She refers to him as "Fuel-chan", and also with Kimoto, she loves to call him that many times.

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