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I don't like bad things and Arisa! Onii-chan, please protect me from the worst things she did to me!
— Manabu's protection begging to her brother, Nikko

Manabu Mishou is a non-fanon and a mysterious silhouette who is known as the key of the album, Kimi no Tabi, Tsudzuku Dayo.

She is also known as the younger sister of Nikko Mishou, as if you don't know. <3


Manabu's whole appearance is unknown, because she is a silhouette, whose color is white. Manabu's printed debut was found when it is beside MetalliPara and Metallica Paradise, Manabu was found right there behind its posters.

This character has been found in the upcoming 3rd episode.


Manabu is described as a well-behaved and a shy girl, who completely knows everything about her studies. She is very intelligent and very mature at her looks, although she hates bad things and Arisa.


Manabu - is a verb, it technically means "learn".

Mishou - means seedling.

Altogether it means "learning seedling".

Geez no wonder she got that unique name :)