"So close, no matter how far, couldn't be much more from the heart. Forever trusting who we are, and nothing else matters." GUYS, I FOUND THE ARTICLE WITH NO INFO! Wait, what did Mayumi Minamoto do? Wait, no!!!

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Well, as if you can say, is... I am an idol with a cheerful persona! Everyone, what could I say?
— Mayumi to every idol in MetalliPara

Mayumi Minamoto is an unofficial character who belongs to Metallica Paradise fanon wiki.

Appearance Edit

She has black hair with red eyes and a red ribbon.

She wears a dress based on the album.

Personality Edit

Mayumi, in the past, she gets hurt by her head every time when she gets it too far towards anyone.

Now, she is satisfied and lives smooth, she has a happy life back in Tsukigaoka.

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