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The ChizuMeta fanfic is a fan fiction known as the first non-Pretty Cure fanfic to be created. MetalliPara, is the wiki that is going to be referenced.

Chapter 1 Edit

Chizuru: "...Metari?"

Metari: "...Onee-chan??"

Chizuru: "I want to say this, but, you're no longer my sister, and I always want to take care for you... And I have the truth... which is... ...I have a crush on you!"

Metari: "W-What? ...Y-You have a crush... on me?"

Chizuru: "Yes! It's true! Actually, you want to take a kiss?"

Metari: "Um... S-Sure!"

Both Chizuru and Metari kissed each other in the lips for an hour, but without everyone noticing since home.

At Tsukigaoka School... Chizuru tells her story yesterday with Maika, Kinzoku, and Kanako.

Chizuru: "Min'natachi, I have something to tell you..."

Maika, Kanako, and Kinzoku: "What?"

Chizuru: "I... I have a crush on Metari... and her intelligence is super yummy for me... but, can you not tell Fuel-chan and Table-senpai about this? Onegai?"

Maika, Kanako, and Kinzoku: "S-sure???"

After class...

Chizuru: "Hey, Metari?"

Metari: "Um... w-what?"

Nikkou: "You guys, what is going on back here?"

Chizuru: "I'm here with this super yummy senpai of mine... but she is mine from now on. Can we kiss for five mins.?"

Manabu: "No!"

Chizuru: "What?"

Will Manabu and Nikkou see what is going on with the Genkino sisters? Are they exposed or not? Check out in chapter 2~

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