Onee-chan, I was just learning more about Metallica, please do not take it too far.
— Metari's preppy way to ask Chizuru

Metari Genkino (元気のメタリ Genkino Metari) or referred to as Metally, is a character who is known as the 2nd member and the lead guitarist and attempted vocalist. She is Chizuru Genkino's younger sister.

Biography Edit

Metari is the only daughter who is talented at identifying songs, albums, and music videos, especially with EP's, she learns more by her favorite band, Metallica. She took it by herself to be learned with her older sister, and she really cares how did she love MetalliPara with her.

Appearance Edit

A bit similar to Chizuru, and has darker gray eyes. Her hair is waist-length and formed into a side tail. She wears black attires, or Gothic Lolita clothing. She loves girly stuff (when holidays and vacations are here), and casuals. She wears a black dress with white design, and usually wears pants or stockings. She wears black shoes.

Personality Edit

Unlike Chizuru, she is very intelligent and learns more about Metallica. She dislikes metal music, and loves OPM, because her personality is cold and wants to be close with her sister. In reality, her favorite genres are music and comedy, and her favorite songs are Malaya and Mundo.

Relationships Edit

Work in progress! <3

Etymology Edit

Metari - (めたり or メタリ) cannot be meant by her name in kanji.

Trivia Edit

  • She can be embarrassed easily towards her sister.
  • Her age is also 15, and she is quite a week younger than Chizuru.


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