Hey, I have every right and out to be here, you all!
— Mikora Ichiyume's debut

Mikora Ichiyume (一夢みこら Ichiyume Mikora) is a character who is the producer and the founder of the lost paradise, Metallica Paradise (which Chizuru Genkino and Metari Genkino made up since a day ago).

Dislikes in comparison Edit

Like Metari and Shion Shikane, she also dislikes metal, and unlikely, she hates Metallica.

Personality Edit

Mikora is an intelligent and a dreamy girl who loves paradises and always dreams to be a tourist. Her parents said that she has "one dream", because of her surname.

Etymology Edit

Mikora - automatically means maidens (in plural).

Ichiyume - her surname might be not accurate a little, altogether it means "first dream", and "one dream".

Her name means maidens in one dream/the first dream.


  • Mikora is the only character who is the minor idol.
  • The poster was found and referenced Mikora in episode 10.


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