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Nothing Else Matters is an original song by Metallica and it is one of the singles from The Black Album (1991). This is fan-covered by Chizuru and Metari to support ChizuMeta from the fan fiction, MetalliShipping:ChizuMeta Fanfic.

Lyrics Edit


Chizuru = Pink

Metari = Magenta

Both = black

English ver. Edit

So close, no matter how far

Couldn't be much more from the heart

Forever trust in who we are

And nothing else matters

Never opened myself this way

Life is ours, we live it our way

All these words, I don't just say

And nothing else matters

Work in progress alert!Edit

I am sorry that this song is 6 mins. long, and I cannot make in Japanese lyrics of this article. Please wait for updates!~

Gokigen'yo :)

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