Huh? No, I don't like metal...I'm more of a JPop person... Don't tell Maika though!
— Shion telling her secret to Fuel-chan

Shion Shikane (シオンシケイン Shikane Shion) is a background character who appears in Geokatsu~ko! often.


Shion was a normal girl until she got a PriTicket. She turned into a JPop singer. Her parents despised her, and gave Shion to her grandfather, Tomoi Shikane. She started listening to JPop and wanted to be a JPop singer. Her idol is Yunomi Sayaka from Geokatsu~ko! and she is best friends with her.


Shion appears to have shoulder length blonde hair, and her bangs cover her right eye. She also has a low ponytail and occasionally a braid. She often wears pink and blue. She has a heart on her left cheek.


She is a fan of JPop and is a JPop singer herself. She doesn't like metal, though she respects everyone's opinions.


Maika Shikane  - her sister. They fight a lot about whether Metal or JPop is better. They are still good friends.

Tomoi Shikane - her grandfather. She doesn't speak to him much.


Shion - 潮 is according in Google Translate, it means tide. In fact Jackii is right, her name means a type of flower (Aster tataricus).

Shikane - 鹿ね means deer.



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