Meika... thank you for producing my granddaughter's career to be a drummer... thanks for doing this for everybody!
— Tomoi's emotional reaction

Tomoi Shikane (鹿ねともい Shikane Tomoi) is Maika Shikane's grandfather, and known as Meika Kanayama's former bassist which he reunited to her remembrance through MetalliPara.

Appearance Edit

He resembles Maika a bit. He has darker green hair, which is shorter than Maika's, and normally wears contacts. He wears a black shirt, and green shorts. He wears white shoes.

Personality Edit

Tomoi is very friendly to others. He loves to make everyone laugh, especially to Maika. He loves his granddaughter so much, and can't resist that he can make her stop upon to make her dreams come true.

Relationships Edit

Maika Shikane - his loved and cherished granddaughter. He loves to make her happy when playing the drums for her, and playing something, like any musical instrument.

Meika Kanayama - his former manager/cousin, known as his friend for years ago. He can be proud for composing the song Tomoi loves it, and gets emotional when Meika includes Maika on playing the drums on solo.

Etymology Edit

Tomoi - ともい means friend.

Trivia Edit

  • Tomoi likes thrash metal and soft rock.
  • He despises black metal and hard rock, especially some others.
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