Userbox characters

The collection of the userbox master list characters are made by Pastel Metallica.

If you want to request any userbox, please ask/contact me.

Anyways, I use Clr template, not userbox because it has a red link called category handler lol


ChizuruPortal3 This user admires the leader of MetalliPara, Chizuru Genkino!
MetariPortal2 This user admires the intelligible guitarist and vocals, Metari Genkino!
MaikaPortal This user admires MetalliPara's drummer, Maika Shikane!
KanakoPortal This user likes MetalliPara's bassist, Kanako Kanayama!
KinzokuPortal This user admires MetalliPara's backing vocalist and keyboardist, Kinzoku Natsume!
Fuelchan This user admires the fired up idol, Fuel-chan!
Tablesenpai This user admires the legendary table, Table-senpai!
PokomiImai This user admires the first pie chart, Pokomi Imai!
PocoAPocoImai This user admires the funnier pie chart, Poco-a-poco Imai!
NikkoMishouTrueIdentity This user loves Nikko Mishou!
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